“I have learned to manage my stress and anxiety levels. Most importantly I’ve learned to live and appreciate the now and to stop worrying about the future.”  Anna

“I found that all the practices and teachings contributed to the overall development of ease, peace, kindness and wellbeing.”   Clare

“Yes it’s changed my life and made me a lot calmer as a person. I have learned skills to help me deal with my illness and face the future positively”   Jack

“In doing this course I learned how to begin to build my capacity to direct my attention and focus. I feel this course has been a huge gift.”   Fidelma

“I have learned to be more accepting of myself and others. I have also learned to accept the uncomfortable feelings as well as the pleasant ones.”   David

“I loved this course and enjoyed giving myself the space to ‘give back to me’… to feel refreshed on days that had been difficult at work.”    Mary

“I actually don’t worry about what is ahead and now enjoy my days, hours and minutes…..when things begin to get stressful, I come back to my breathing and know it will pass or change.”  Mags

“What I find very useful is being more aware in my life. I now find I am more aware of everyday living and I have learned to stop and slow things down.”   Patrick

“I learned valuable tools /skills on how to meet, treat and let go of stress, unpleasant feelings and worries about the future. I feel calmer and more in control of my mind.” Caroline

“Absolutely, it helps to deal with the uncertainty that illness brings…..others around me can recognize the change in me.”   Ann Maria

“My mind doesn’t stop thinking, but the mindfulness helped me create a distance were I could observe my own thoughts. I could move away from the over -thinking and actually experience living”    Rachel

“I have learned to accept myself as I am and to be more compassionate with myself” Meadbh

“By doing this course I have learned that I can embrace change and view it as constructive. There is no need to be afraid. I have also learned to be kinder to myself and take time before jumping in to situations headlong.” Jo


About Deborah, the facilitator.

“I felt the course, and the way you taught the course was deeply nourishing. Everything was carried out with a sense of compassion and calm.”  Sarah

“Everything was always impeccable with the attention to detail second to none.  And most importantly you embodied mindfulness in your delivery of the course.”  Lisa

“I found it very well organized, your presentation was excellent and you were a great facilitator.” Sean

“Very good facilitator, gentle calming voice.” Cora

“Excellent, professional and enthusiastic.” Michael

“I felt immediately at ease in your presence. You were encouraging, gentle and open. I experience your presence and voice as very soothing and calming.”  Niamh