Tips for sustaining our mindfulness practice during the holidays

Here are a couple of suggestions to keep Mindfulness as part of your day during the holidays.

Firstly recognize that summertime / holiday time is a time when the routine of our practice may be disrupted and hold an intention to include mindfulness as part of the holiday. Perhaps we already are more mindful when we are away, as we experience new surroundings, people, environment, foods, weather, culture. All opportunities to make a conscious choice to be present, take it all in, whatever we meet as we move through the day.

Traveling can provide many opportunities to draw on our mindfulness skills to help us get through some of the issues that can make travel stressful. Delays, queues, busy stations or airports can be difficult or challenging environments. Bringing some mindfulness practices downloaded on your phone or MP3 player can be a good idea. Great for those waiting times and who knows they may be useful for some of those times when you just want some time and space for yourself!

Often as the holiday draws to a close we may project into the future, feel a reluctance about going home, already thinking or speaking negatively about the return to work, or the weather or frustration with our usual daily routine. If we spend too much time thinking about the end of the holiday this anxious anticipation can lower our mood and impact on our capacity to enjoy the present moment fully. We may miss out on the living of those moments of our holiday by being way off in the future. So noticing the tendency to leave before you have left, and gently return over and over again to the experience of the present moment right now.

For anyone taking holidays at home or abroad my I wish you safe and enjoyable travels.