Each month Deborah will offer two mindfulness practice sessions live on zoom.


  • A drop-in half hour of guided practice.

           Time: 7-7.30pm

      Next Meeting Monday 14th September 2020


  • The second Monday session will include a guided meditation practice,  also a talk and discussion on integrating mindfulness practice into daily life in a way that is supportive and nourishing.

The monthly  talks from September to December will be  focusing on the theme of MINDFULNESS SKILLS FOR LIVING WITH UNCERTAINTY AND CHANGE.  Each session will explore different aspects of how we can support and care for ourselves physically, psychologically and emotionally during these uncertain times. These sessions need to be booked in advance

Time: 7-8.30pm.

Commencing Monday 28th September

Monthly themes will be posted soon.


The sessions are held live online  via the Zoom platform. If you would like to join any of these sessions please email me at:   growingmindfully@gmail.com



A mindful approach for coping with grief.


This 8 week course will have a gentle approach for both understanding and caring for ourselves when we are grieving. We will explore what we know about the grieving process and what supports people to cope and live with grief and loss.  We will integrate mindfulness skills that can both support us as we grieve and also support the reduction of  stress that is part of the grieving process. The course is a blend of mindfulness practice, education and group discussion.  Course notes and audio files for the mindfulness practices will be provided.  This programme will be held live on zoom.


This course will commence in November. Start date to be confirmed.





A day of reflective practice.

Saturday 28th November 10am- 5pm


You can access a range of mindfulness practices guided by Deborah at: https://www.corkcancersupport.ie/a-place-of-calm