People often seek psychotherapy when they are in crisis, in pain or feeling stuck in some aspect of life. Experiencing difficulties at work, in relationships, financial concerns or health issues can disrupt our wellbeing and direction. Sometimes these issues ease on their own or through coping skills we have developed over the years. However sometimes they do not ease or resolve, and we can feel embedded in a period of protracted struggle that we cannot find a way out of. At these times some psychological support can help to find direction and equilibrium again. Through the psychotherapeutic process I can help you understand yourself more and I can support you to find new coping strategies to work with the challenges you face. The safe compassionate environment of the therapeutic relationship can provide the space and support to explore, understand and treat the dis-harmony and disruption that is experienced during times of crisis and life difficulty.
My practice is based in East Cork, however in response to the Covid 19 recommendations of the Irish Government, all psychotherapy and mindfulness appointments are currently being delivered online or by phone.


My 25 years’ experience providing supervision and consultation services to individuals, groups, trainees informs my practice. I have provided group supervision in a variety of different agencies, training bodies and voluntary organisations.
Supervisees can expect a safe and supportive environment to reflect on their clinical practice and discuss any concerns about clients in confidence.

I participate in regular professional supervision for both my Psychotherapy and Mindfulness practice

  • I am an accredited psychotherapist and supervisor with IAHIP and ICP
  • I am an affiliate teacher with the Centre for Mindfulness Ireland.
  • I adhere to the code of ethics and practice of my professional bodies..