Your gift of time and gentle listening made all the difference and helped me stay afloat through the difficult weeks and months.

Sheila Designation

I felt immediately at ease in your presence. You were encouraging, gentle and open. I experience your presence and voice as very soothing and calming.

Niamh Designation

Your calming voice an non judgemental encouragement have made the sessions of enormous benefit to me in improving my coping skills.

Nuala Designation

Thank you so much for your hand in guiding me through the darkest year of my life. Without the time in counselling I don’t know if Id have had any capacity left to survive, not alone dream of coping with what I was going through

Breda Designation

Many thanks for giving me the gift of learning to mind myself.

Elaine Designation

A big thank you for the gentle safe empathic support you have given me for the past year. I really feel like you walked that utterly overwhelming part of my grief, sadness and loneliness with me and gave me the freedom to feel those feelings without judgement or hurry.

Deirdre Designation

I learned valuable tools /skills on how to meet, treat and let go of stress, unpleasant feelings and worries about the future. I feel calmer and more in control of my mind.

Caroline Designation

I felt the course, and the way you taught the course was deeply nourishing. Everything was carried out with a sense of compassion and calm.

Sarah Designation

Everything was always impeccable with the attention to detail second to none. And most importantly you embodied mindfulness in your delivery of the course.

Lisa Designation

Excellent, professional and enthusiastic.

Michael Designation